Chen-Dong Tso

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Dr. Chen-Dong Tso is currently associate professor in the
Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University. Dr. Tso also
serves as Senior Advisor to Asia Foundation, a non-government organization
based in San Francisco, USA. In addition, he is among the members of the
Commission of International Affairs, Taipei City Government. His research
interest lies in the areas of East Asian Regionalism, industrial policy, and
Internet society. Dr. Tso has published in a number of articles in Chinese and international
journals, including Journal of East Asian Studies, Issues and Studies, and
Australian Journal of Public Administration. He holds a Ph.D. in international
studies from University of Denver.


Selected Publications

  • Tso, Chen-Dong, “The U.S.-Taiwan FTA
    during the Bush-Chen Era Revisited: Trade and Strategic Accounts Compared”
    Issues & Studies, 48, No. 1 (March 2012): 51-84
  • 左正東,2012,「從習近平訪美看歐巴馬政府對「中」政策之走向」,亞太和平月刊,第四卷第三期,一百零一年三月
  • 左正東,2011,「美國國務卿希拉蕊訪緬甸成效分析」,東協瞭望,第五期,一百年十二月,頁9 – 13
  • 左正東,2011,「國際政治經濟學的典範問題與經濟民族主義的再檢視」,國際關係學報,第三十二期,民國一百年七月,頁51 – 89。
  • Tso, Chen-Dong & Kuo-Chun
    Yeh (2011) “China’s strategy toward regional currency integration during
    financial tsunami: A choice between Asian Currency Unit and renminbi,” Prospect
    Journal 6, 49-72.
  • 左正東、葉國俊,2011,「金融海嘯後中國對於東亞貨幣整合的策略分析:亞元與人民幣之間的抉擇」,遠景基金會季刊,第十一卷第一期,民國一百年一月。頁81 – 128。
  • 左正東,2010,「兩岸網路民主與網民問政」,交流,民國九十九年十二月,第一一四期
  • 左正東,2010,「大陸網路發展對社會變遷的影響」,交流,民國九十九年八月,第一一二期
  • 左正東,2010,「議會網站評估架構之初探:以台北市議會和上海市人大為例」,資訊社會研究,第十八期,民國九十九年一月,頁401 – 430。
  • 左正東,2009,「網路言論管制和網路自由運動」,資訊社會研究,第十七期,民國九十八年七月,頁239 – 256。
  • Tso,
    Chen-Dong, “Regulatory Competition and Accountability: Comparing Universal
    Service in Telecommunications in Australia
    and Taiwan,”
    Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 68, No. S1, March 2009, pp.
    27 – 39
  • 左正東,2008,「網路國碼域名屬於誰?」,中華國際法與超國界法評論,第四期,第二卷,民國九十七年十二月,頁477 -534。
  • 左正東,2008,「電子公共論壇和跨國政治參與:以「網路治理線上論壇」和「IGOVAP論壇」為例」,公共行政學報,第二十八期,民國九十七年九月
  • Tso,
    Chen-Dong, “Computer Scientists and China’s Participation in Global Internet
    Governance,” Issues & Studies, Iss. 44, June 2008
  • 左正東,2007,「斯特蘭奇與考克斯的權力觀與結構觀:以美國網路霸權為例的詮釋」,政治學報,第四十四期,民國九十六年十二月,頁101 – 125。
  • 左正東,2007,「開放大陸科技與商務專業人才來台的政策變遷分析」,遠景基金會季刊,第八卷第二期,頁171-206。
  • 左正東,2005,「全球網路治理的知識與權力」,問題與研究,第四十四卷第五期,民國九十四年九、十月,頁103-142。
  • 左正東,2004,「亞太國家推動公鑰基礎建設之研析」,亞太經濟合作評論,第十二期,民國九十三年十二月,頁29-43。
  • Tso,
    Chen-Dong, 2004, “State-Technologist Nexus in Taiwan’s High-Tech Policymaking:
    Semiconductor and Wireless Communication Industries,” Journal of East Asia
    Studies, Vol. 4 Issue 2, May 2004, (Boulder:
    Lynn Rienner), pp. 301 – 328.





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