US Military Operations and the Evolution of War

Colonel Thomas X. Hammes (USMC ret.), author of The Sling and the Stone: On War in the Twenty-First Century
and frequent commentator on counterinsurgency operations, will join us
for a discussion on the evolution of warfare and what the U.S. can do
to overcome new and developing military challenges.  U.S. forces have
mastered the skills of maneuver warfare, but are facing asymmetric
threats that are utilizing techniques that continue to trouble U.S.
troops in Afgahnistan and Iraq.  How can U.S. forces quickly and
efficiently adapt their strategies, doctrine and structure to overcome
these challenges?  Has the U.S. found the right balance in training for
both assymmetric and traditional threats?  How can the U.S. be better
prepared for future evolutions of warfare.

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