Turmoil in Yemen

November 20, 2009 — April Longley Alley, Research Associate at the National Defense University, joined us for a discussion on the deteriorating situation in Yemen, a country in which, according to Foreign Policy magazine, a “perfect storm of state failure is brewing.”

What implications does potential state failure in Yemen have for U.S. national security interests? What is the state of al-Qaeda’s resurgence in Yemen, and is the Saleh regime a credible partner in the fight against al-Qaeda? What can the US Government do to promote stability in Yemen?

Dr. Alley is a comparative political scientist whose research focuses on the forms and dynamics of authoritarian rule, informal institutions, political reform in the Middle East, and Yemeni domestic politics. She served as a Yemen Subject Matter Expert for General David Petraeus’ U.S. Central Command Assessment Team and for a USAID Yemen Conflict Assessment.

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