The Saffron Revolution Revisited

Professor David Steinberg, author of Turmoil in Burma:
Contested Legitimacies in Myanmar, and senior Distinguished Professor
and Director of Asian Studies at Georgetown University, will join us
for a discussion on the current state of affairs in Burma. The UN
Special Investigator on Human Rights in Myanmar (Burma) has recently
released a report stating that the government of Myanmar has
significantly understated the atrocities committed in response to the
Saffron Revolution. The report, released on December 7, has called for
the immediate implementation of amnesty for those who remain in
detention and the convening of an independent investigation into rumors
of excessive killings, beatings and torture perpetrated on behalf of
the ruling military junta. How can the US best support these
recommendations presented by the UN Human Rights Council and pressure
the government of Myanmar to comply?What steps canthe US take to
leverage China and India’s influence in Burma?

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