The New Strategy in Afghanistan: An Afghan Perspective

January 29, 2010 — Mr. Hekmat Karzai, Founder and Director of the Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies in Kabul, Afghanistan and former Head of the Political Department in the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC, joined us for a discussion on the implications of the U.S. military and civilian “surge” in Afghanistan. 

How has the new strategy incorporated lessons from the past nine years, and where is it still lacking? Beyond Pakistan, how do regional actors, such as India and Iran impact the stabilization and development process? How accurate is recent polling that indicates a marked increase in optimism among the Afghan populous?

Security for a New Century is a bipartisan discussion group for Congress. We meet regularly with U.S. and international policy professionals to discuss the post-Cold War and post-9/11 security environment. All discussions are off-the-record. It is not an advocacy venue. For more information, please call Mark Yarnell at (202) 224-7560 or write to [email protected].

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