The Geopolitics of Oil

March 18, 2011 — Robert McNally, former Senior Director for International Energy on the National Security Council (2001-2003), joined us for a discussion on the geopolitics of oil and the impact of the current unrest in the Middle East and North Africa. Mr. McNally, who has 20 years of experience in energy markets and policy making, is the founder and Director of The Rapidan Group.

What are the mechanisms involved in the global oil trade and how do they function in times of crisis?  How has the recent turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa affected supply and demand and what does this signal about the future of global oil prices?  Given the wide range of suppliers, why are global oil prices so volatile? 

Security for a New Century is a nonpartisan discussion group for Congress. We meet regularly with U.S. and international policy professionals to discuss the post-Cold War and post-9/11 security environment. All discussions are OFF-THE-RECORD. It is not an advocacy venue.

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The Geopolitics of Oil from Stimson Center on Vimeo.

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