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Strategic Agility – Stimson Releasing New Defense Strategy Report at Capitol Hill Event

security experts and former government officials convened by the Stimson Center
released a report outlining a new defense strategy that would
strengthen America’s security and enable the Defense Department to cut tens of
billions of dollars in annual spending. The 17-member Defense Advisory
Committee includes two former vice chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a
former Air Force chief of staff, a former chief of naval operations and two
retired four-star Army Generals.
More than six months after sequestration imposed arbitrary cuts to the defense
budget, there is still no deal on the horizon to remove the spending limits
that triggered sequestration.
The new report describes 27 specific recommendations to implement the new
strategy, called Strategic Agility, as an alternative to the across-the-board
budget cuts required by sequestration. Committee members presented the findings at an event on Capitol Hill, including Barry Blechman, Stimson Co-founder and chairman of the Defense
Advisory Committee; General B.B. Bell, former commander of US Army, Europe and US
Forces, Korea and Philip Odeen, former CEO and Chairman of TRW, Inc. and former
National Security Council  and Defense Department official.

Here’s a clip from the event:

To watch the full event, click here.

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