Security and Politics in Southeast Asia

Mr. John Virgoe, Southeast Asia Project Director for the International
Crisis Group, joined us for a discussion on the current security and
political atmosphere in Southeast Asia.  Ongoing separatist movements in
southern Thailand have lead to increased regional violence and organized crime
movements.  What ideology do insurgents identify with and how do they
indoctrinate new recruits? 
Thefledgling nation of Timor-Leste witnessed numerous outbreaks of
violence during the 2007 presidential elections which have left a legacy of
destabilization.  Since President Jose
Ramos-Horta was shot and wounded in a purported rebel attack at his home, will
security sector reform help Timor-Leste move towards stability? In Indonesia,
the territories of Aceh and Papua operate under special autonomous agreements.
Are these agreements an effective solution toward appeasing separatist groups? 
How might the U.S. assist the region as a whole with counterinsurgency

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