Saddam’s Delusions: Inside the Regime

Kevin Woods from the Institute for Defense Analysis, joined us to
discuss the inner workings and behavior of Saddam Hussein’s regime. The
fall of Baghdad in April 2003 opened one of the most secretive and
brutal governments in history to outside scrutiny. For the first time
since the end of World War II, American analysts did not have to guess
what had happened on the other side of a conflict but could actually
read the defeated enemy’s documents and interrogate its leading
figures. The U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) commissioned a
comprehensive study based on previously inaccessible primary sources.
Drawing on interviews with dozens of captured senior Iraqi military and
political leaders and hundreds of thousands of official Iraqi documents
(hundreds of them fully translated), this two-year project has changed
our understanding of the war from the ground up. The study was
partially declassified in late February and its key findings were
recently published in Foreign Affairs.
“Security for a New Century” is a bipartisan study group for Congress.
We meet regularly with U.S. and international policy professionals to
discuss the post Cold War and post 9/11 security environment. All
discussions are off-the-record. It is not an advocacy venue.

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