NSPD 44 and Directive 3000.05: Military Support for Stablization and Reconstruction Operations

Ambassador John
Herbst, Coordinator, Office of
Reconstruction and Stabilization, and Dr.
Jeb Nadaner, Deputy Assistant Secretary
of Defense for Stability Operations, discuss military
support for stability operations and the implementation of National Security
Presidential Directive 44. The directive calls on the Secretary of State to play
a leading role in managing reconstruction and stabilization assistance to
foreign states afflicted by conflict. A key goal is to improve planning and
coordination in efforts among international partners, NGOs and private sector
organizations. Defense Department Directive 3000.05 addresses how DOD will
implement its responsibilities under the NSPD 44. While military transformation
is often associated with making forces more agile and lethal in combat
operations, this transformation seeks to enhance military capabilities in
stability operations, which have become increasingly apparent in recent
operations. These missions often entail an interdependent military-civilian
effort. The Department has recently issued its first report which assesses the
baseline capabilities of the U.S. military for stability operations and outlines
key focal areas for continued progress.

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