Nigeria’s Elections and Its Implications for US Foreign Policy

Dr. Robert A.
, Director,
Center for Democracy and Election Management at American University, will join
us for a discussion on the outcome and the implications of the 2007 Nigerian
Elections. The elections which marked the first democratic transition in
Nigeria from one civilian head of
state to another, were marred by widespread violence, disruption and fraud. The
outcome was a declared victory for Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, from the ruling party
(PDP) of the outgoing President Obsanjo, but results were contested by the
Nigeria is the world’s eighth largest producer
of oil, and the economic powerhouse of West
Africa, contributing about 50% of the regions GDP. What do the
election results indicate about the underlying strength of democracy in
Nigeria? What are the implications
for governance and economic development across West
Africa?  What are the implications and policy options for US Africa

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