London Bombings

Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown
University, will join us to discuss the recent terrorist attacks in
Britain. At the end of June, there were a spate of foiled car bomb
attacks in London and Glasgow, involving a group of Iraqi, Jordanian,
and Indian doctors working in the UK health system. A series of arrests
were made across Britain, evidence has been seized, and doctors
questioned in a series of raids across Australia. The events coincide
with the arrival of a new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and the
conviction of four people for their part in the failed second wave of
bombings to hit Britain in July 2005. The 7/21 bombers targeted buses
and subways in London in a repeat of an earlier attack on July 7, 2005.
UK Police uncovered substantial forensic information from the devices
which were recovered intact. What patterns are there between the 2005
attacks and the recent incidents? What have police and security
services learned in Britain from the 7/7 and 7/21 bombings about
terrorist motivations, networks, and operations? How vulnerable is the
US to similar attacks?

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