Japan’s Air Defense Capabilities For The New Decade – The “CHANGE” For The Success

With the evolving strategic environment abroad and the considerable political changes at home, Japan faces a significant challenge in rethinking its defense policy priorities, including the future direction of its defense capability build-up.  As Japan Ministry of Defense moves (JMOD) to revise its five-year National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG) and Mid-Term Defense Program (MTDP), policymakers need to play a fine balancing act between the ideals and the reality.  This requires a great deal of discussion on what JMOD wants to achieve, what it can achieve, and what kind of hard decisions await them in its effort in defense capability build-up.  Col. Koichi Nishitani of Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), currently Stimson’s Visiting Fellow, will share his perspectives.   


Col. Koichi Nishitani graduated from the National Defense Academy in 1983.  He spent many years in defense planning and programming, including his staff assignment at Long-term Planning Section (1997-1999), Deputy Chief of Weapon Systems Planning Section (2005-2006), Chief of Logistics Planning Section (2007-2008), and Chief of Logistics Coordination Section (2008-2009), all in the Air Staff Office.  Between September 2006-January 2007, he served as Visiting Fellow at Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) of Stanford University.  He is currently on leave from the assignment as the Deputy Head of Logistics Planning Division


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