Drones and the Laws of Armed Conflict

July 15, 2011 Lieutenant Colonel Chris Jenks joined us for a discussion on Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) and the laws of armed conflict. Lt. Col. Jenks is the Chief of the International Law Branch at the U.S. Army’s Office of The Judge Advocate General.


How expansive and diverse are the uses of Unmanned Aerial Systems throughout the world? How are drone strikes considered under the laws of armed conflict (or jus in bello)? What may the increasing use of drones mean for the future of U.S. military operations?


Security for a New Century is a nonpartisan discussion group for Congress. We meet regularly with U.S. and international policy professionals to discuss the post-Cold War and post-9/11 security environment. All discussions are OFF-THE-RECORD. It is not an advocacy venue.


For more information, please contact Mark Yarnell at [email protected] or (202) 224-7560.

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