Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Aspirations

George Perkovich, Vice
President for Global Security and Economic Development and Director of
the Nonproliferation program at the Carnegie Endowment for
International Peace, and Karim Sadjadpour, Iran Analyst for the
International Crisis Group discusses Iran’s nuclear calculus and U.S.
policy options. Iran has alarmed the world with its pursuit of nuclear
energy technology that could be used to create weapons. Given Iran’s
uncertain intentions and recent history, the crisis has created one of
the most serious policy challenges facing the United States. Will a
nuclear Iran become an aggressive power determined to subvert its Sunni
Arab neighbors, destroy Israel, and spread theocratic government to
other lands; or would an Iran with nuclear weapons merely defend its
territory from foreign aggression and live in peace with its neighbors?
Are Iranian leaders and society willing to negotiate on nuclear
capability with the West, or will they resist accommodation? Perkovich
and Sadjadpour will discuss these questions and the prospects for U.S.
policy to effectively deal with the current crisis.

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