Cyber Security: The Path Forward

Mr. Michael Aisenberg, counselor to the president of Information
and Infrastructure Technologies and former director of Government
Relations and National Security program manager at Verisign, will join
us for a discussion on cyber security. Cyber security is crucial to
ensuring system continuity by preventing, detecting, and responding to
attacks. Where do these attacks originate? What action has the U.S.
government taken to ensure its cyber infrastructure is less vulnerable
and what is the path forward? How might collaboration with
international community on prevention and monitoring systems ensure
security within the cyber world?

Security for a New Century is a
bipartisan study group for Congress. We meet regularly with U.S. and
international policy professionals to discuss the post-Cold War and
post-9/11 security environment. All discussions are off-the-record. It
is not an advocacy venue. Please call (202) 223-5956 for more information.

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