China’s Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula

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Please join the East Asia Program for panel discussions on China’s policy toward the Korean Peninsula under the Xi Jinping administration. Despite the seeming ambiguities and contradictions of China’s policy toward the North and South Koreas, especially in light of Pyongyang’s nuclear development, China’s cost-benefit analysis on the Korean Peninsula arguably have remained largely unchanged. China’s Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula is a collection of three papers by Chinese experts evaluating China’s policy adjustment toward North Korea under President Xi Jinping, Xi’s South Korea policy, and the strategic position of the Korean Peninsula in Xi’s overall foreign strategy. The event aims to bring together the Chinese authors with Korean and American discussants, in order to deliberate over China’s strategic intentions, its likely course of actions, opportunities and expectations for stability, and factors affecting China’s calculus. 

WHAT:  Report launch of the Stimson Center’s East Asia program, Chinese Perspectives Towards the Korean Peninsula, and panel discussions with presentations by Chinese experts and American and Korean commentators.

Event Video: Panel 1 – Chinese Perspectives on China’s Policy toward the Korean Peninsula
Dr. Yu Tiejun, Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University
Dr. Ren Yuanzhe, Associate Professor, Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management, China University of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Wang Junsheng, Associate Professor and Executive Director, Department of China’s Regional Strategy, National Institute of International Strategy, China Academy of Social Sciences
Yun Sun (moderator), Senior Associate, East Asia Program, Stimson Center

Event Video: Panel 2 – American and South Korean Perspectives on China’s Policy toward the Peninsula
Dr. Woo Jung-Yeop, Research Fellow, Asan Institute for Policy Studies
Tom Byrne, President, Korea Society
Dr. Andrew Yeo, Associate Professor of Politics, Catholic University of America
Dr. Katharine H.S. Moon (moderator), SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for East Asia Policy Studies, Brookings Institution

Closing Remarks
Alan Romberg, Distinguished Fellow and Director of the East Asia Program, Stimson Center

Photo credit: nznationalparty via Flickr.
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