Biosecurity: Identifying the Threat

Lonnie D. King, Dean of the College Veterinary Medicine at Michigan
State University, will join us to discuss what constitutes a biological
threat and what are we looking forin identifying such a threat.
Pathogens such as Avian flu originate in animals and are transmitted to
humans. There are many such pathogens and most of them cause severe
infections, sometimes resulting in death. HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency
Virus ) is just one example of a pandemic pathogen, which is now
thought to have originated in animals in Sub Saharan Africa in the
1930’s. This type of transmission is a natural occurrence, but only
recently has science advanced enough to be able to detect and track
them. What is the nature and magnitude of the threats we face? How can
we prepare for the next pandemic? Dr. King, will join us to discuss
biological threats and the consequences of animal to human transmission.

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