Afghanistan: An NGO View from the Ground

Ciaran Donnelly, Country Director
for the International Rescue Committee based in Kabul, will join us for a discussion of humanitarian
operations in Afghanistan. As the Korean hostage
crisis unfolds, attention has focused on the security situation across the
country. The Taliban have increasingly used kidnapping and abduction as a tactic
to press for the release of captured fighters. The Afghan government has in turn
come under increasing pressure from foreign governments to secure the release of
their nationals. As the Taliban returns to make their presence felt and as
US forces and the
International Security Force (IASF) attempts to push them back, what is the
security situation for civilians and aid workers across Afghanistan?
What role does fear, corruption, poor governance, and rule of law play in
support for the insurgency verses the Karzai government? What more can the
international community do to support the Afghan government’s efforts against
the Taliban?

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