A Conversation with Lt. Gen. Kenneth Glueck

The Marine Corps in Times
of Tight Budgets and a Changing World:

A Conversation with
Lt. Gen. Kenneth Glueck

The US military faces the challenge of
re-defining its missions and roles in an environment of strategic uncertainty
and fiscal constraint. The officer in charge of managing that collision of
strategy and resources for the Marine Corps is Lt. Gen. Kenneth Glueck,
Commanding General of Marine Corps Combat Development Command.

The Stimson Center’s Russell Rumbaugh held a conversation with Lt. Gen.
Glueck about the Marine Corps’ ongoing efforts to realign its organization
and capabilities to meet the security challenges of today and the future and
the Corps’ recently released strategic vision, Expeditionary Force 21.

View video of this event below or here:

Lieutenant General Kenneth
J. Glueck, Jr.
served as Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration, and Commanding
General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command since August 2013. In over 35
years of distinguished service as a Naval Aviator, Lt. Gen. Glueck has
participated in or led combat and disaster relief operations in Iraq, the
Balkans, the Philippines, and Japan. He has served in numerous command and
staff positions, including recent assignments as Chief of Staff for
Multi-National Force Iraq, Director of Operations and Logistics for U.S. Africa
Command, and Commanding General of III Marine Expeditionary Force and Marine
Forces Japan.

Russell Rumbaugh is a Senior Associate and Director, Budgeting
for Foreign Affairs and Defense at the Stimson Center. He has a range of experience with the institutions, processes, and budgets behind national
security policy, having served in the Army, the CIA, the Defense Department’s
Program Analysis and Evaluation office, and as a Congressional staff member,
including serving as the lead analyst on the Senate Budget Committee for the
Defense and International Affairs accounts.

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