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From the Mekong River to the South China Sea, Stimson's Southeast Asia program seeks to examine some of the most pressing challenges facing the region today. Through a combination of our unique analytical perspective and cooperation with both local and regional partners, we strive to offer pragmatic approaches to a wide variety of issues. Currently, the program is active on four main issues: the Greater Mekong Subregion and its development, particularly with regard to hydroelectric power and its impacts; trade, economic, and political issues involving the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN); US-ASEAN relations and policy issues; and maritime security issues in the South China Sea, particularly territorial disputes and fishery management.

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Mekong Turning Point: Shared River for a Shared Future
Mekong Turning Point: Shared River for a Shared Future

The political economy of the Mekong River Basin shifted in 2011 from policies that exploited this transboundary resource shared by China and five Southeast Asian countries, to potentially more cooperative and sustainable approaches. Whether the effects last remains to be seen, but for once "business as usual" in the construction of environmentally destructive hydropower dams

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