War Legacies Working Group

Addressing the prevailing consequences of the Vietnam War
A working group that forms partnerships throughout the United States and Southeast Asia to address issues related to unexploded ordnance, Agent Orange, and mine clearance in the broad theater of the Vietnam War.
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The war the United States waged in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos did not end for the people living there when the shooting stopped in 1975. Explosive bombs and mines stand in the way of using affected land for productive economic purposes. The dioxin legacy of Agent Orange continues to impact many tens of thousands born with disabilities, including American veterans and their families. The war’s consequences continue to affect human health, sustainable development, and the safety and well-being of families in former war zones. These war legacies shadow the people of these countries with fear for their families and future generations. Addressing these consequences of war is not just the humanitarian thing to do, it also creates opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships with our former enemies. Such initiatives sustain peace, provide pathways for livelihood development, and improve diplomatic and economic ties.

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