Taiwan and Cross-Strait Relations

Policy solutions and in-depth analysis of the complex relationship between mainland China and Taiwan
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Despite current relative stability in the Taiwan Strait, core issues of contention remain unresolved and no other problem in the region, or in the world, poses the same risk of confrontation and escalation into a major power conflict.

The Taiwan and Cross-Strait Relations project works to understand what drives each party and contribute to thinking that can lead toward lasting peace, away from the brink of disaster. This work entails not only continuing, nuanced examination of developments relating directly to cross-Strait relations and to U.S. involvement, but also understanding and assessing Taiwan’s ever-active political scene, Taiwan’s domestic and international economic developments, and security-related issues. The Taiwan and Cross-Strait Relations project elucidates and makes policy recommendations not only for the United States, but also for the two cross-Strait players.

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