Tyler Sagerstrom

Junior Fellow

South Asia

Tyler Sagerstrom is a Junior Fellow with the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center. He graduated from The College of William & Mary, double majoring in International Relations and Economics. He wrote his honors thesis on how nuclear weapons acquisition alters inter-state relations between new and established nuclear weapons states. His research interests in South Asia include nuclear deterrence and posture, the role of China, and US Indo-Pacific strategy. Prior to joining Stimson, he worked at AidData on the Tracking Under-reported Financial Flows team. He has also conducted research on how compliance is measured in international treaties, used text mining tools to analyze how the British media covered the Brexit vote, and researched the causes of insurgent group success in national movements.


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From Kargil to Balakot: Southern Asian Crisis Dynamics and Future Trajectories

Two decade review: South Asia crises will likely escalate further & faster as escalation pressure and crisis management challenges grow

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