Sam Black

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Research & Writing

The Changing Political Utility of Nuclear Weapons

“The Changing Political Utility of Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear Threats from 1970 to 2010” by Research Associate Samuel Black discusses the political utility of nuclear weapons as measured by threats of nuclear weapon use during crises or wars. This analys…

Nuclear Threats 1970-2010

What constitutes a nuclear threat? This study uses the following definition: 1. Observable actions taken, such as increasing nuclear alert levels, the flight-testing of nuclear-capable missiles, or the repositioning of significant military forces…

U.S. Space Diplomacy

Beginning with Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. presidents have pursued diplomatic initiatives, including tacit and explicit agreements, to establish common restraints protective of satellites. The most successful of these form the cornerstones of the intern…

No Harmful Interference with Space Objects: The Key to Confidence-Building

The Stimson Center’s Space Security Program has released Stimson Report #69: “No Harmful Interference with Space Objects: The Key to Confidence Building.” This report, authored by Research Associate Sam Black, examines the concept of no harmful interfe…

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