Rebecca Katz

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Health Policy, GWU

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Research & Writing

Costing Framework for International Health Regulations (2005)

The revised International Health Regulations (IHR [2005]) conferred new responsibilities on member states of the World Health Organization, requiring them to develop core capacities to detect, assess, report, and respond to public health emergencies. M…

Policy Paper
Defining Health Diplomacy: Changing Demands in the Era of Globalization

Stimson’s Global Health Security program, with Rebecca Katz of George Washington University, published a new analysis on Defining Health Diplomacy: Changing Demands in the Era of Globalization in the new issue of the Milbank Quarterly. In this article,…

Issue Brief
The International Flow of Risk: The Governance of Health in an Urbanizing World

In 2008, the world’s urban population exceeded its rural population for the first time. The United Nations estimates that about 15% of the world’s population now lives in “megacities” of 10 million or more people, or in near-megacities of 5-10 million….

The International Health Regulations (2005): Surveillance and Response in an Era of Globalization

In an era of routine air travel and disease multipliers born of human behaviors, a public health crisis anywhere in the world is a potential problem everywhere. For over one hundred years, nations have negotiated measures to prevent cross-border diseas…

Policy Paper
Comparative Analysis of National Legislation supporting the International Health Regulations

In 2005, the World Health Organization adopted the revised InternationalHealth Regulations, or IHR (2005), to establish obligationsfor detecting and responding to public health emergencies ofinternational concern. The success of the IHR (2005) rests on…

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