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Developing practical approaches to cyber risk management with the guidance of advisors from the cyber security and broader risk management communities
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The Cyber Security Project brings together Stimson’s cross-cutting work on defense, deterrence and cybersecurity from Stimson’s nuclear security, regional security, and global governance experts. The project combines rigorous research with the guidance and experience of diverse stakeholders and advisors drawn from the cyber security and risk management communities.

Our cyber security work is global and diverse, addressing risks to critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants; implications of domestic cybersecurity for regional and international security; and issues of international cyber-governance.

Building on our expertise in these and related areas, we plan a new effort focused on deterrence and accountability in the cyber domain, with the goal of developing practical models for a governance framework to manage international cybersecurity risks. By applying lessons from other domestic and international efforts to manage new global risks, the project will provide policymakers with both legal and technical expertise on accountability in the cyber domain, as well as perspectives from both government and industry on potential paths for better addressing cyber security threats.

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