Managing the Military More Efficiently: Potential Savings Separate from Strategy

released a report surveying numerous boards, commissions, and study groups on
their recommendations on how to better manage the defense budget, with a
special focus on personnel compensation, manpower utilization and procurement
practices. While no one will embrace every option and some options are
contradictory, these changes would represent savings of nearly $1 trillion over
10 years.

Speakers included Barry Blechman, Stimson co-founder and chair of the Peterson Foundation Defense Advisory Group; Matthew Leatherman, research analyst with Stimson’s Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense
Program; and David Oliver, EADS
North America strategic advisor, former Undersecretary of
Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics and retired Navy Rear
Admiral (Upper Half).

Here’s a clip from the event:

To watch the full event, click here.

For more information, contact Russell Rumbaugh at [email protected] or 202-478-3422

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