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Cyber Insurance Exclusions: What War?

Join the Washington Foreign Law Society and the Stimson Center in this second in a series of discussions dissecting cyber issues as they relate to current and potential legal accountability: Cyber Accountability – Who did it? Is it wrong? Can they be stopped?

The 2017 NotPetya cyberattack cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars, and the attack is still roiling through insurance markets and some courts. A key issue is under what circumstances state-backed hacks are covered by various kinds of insurance policies or are excluded for being “hostile or warlike acts.” Lloyd’s Market Association is still reviewing alternative industry approaches that can satisfy market needs. Meanwhile, what can/should businesses do in terms of insurance coverage, especially given the difficulties in the classic NMA 464 exclusions, to make sure they have appropriate coverage? How might thresholds be set so that the insurance market itself is sustainable? And might any of these solutions lead to holding threat actors more accountable?

Featured Speakers

Jon Bateman, Fellow in the Cyber Policy Initiative of the Technology and International Affairs Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Matthew McCabe, Senior VP with Marsh McLennan’s Financial and Professional Liability Practice at Marsh McLennan’s New York City headquarters.

Moderated By

Debra Decker, Senior Advisor at the Stimson Center and member of the WFLS Board of Governors.

This event is co-hosted with the Washington Foreign Law Society.

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Below is a list of references mentioned by our speakers during the session:

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