Off Ramps Initiative

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Off Ramps Initiative

The Stimson Center’s South Asia Program has launched a new initiative, which we call the Off Ramps Project. The nuclear competition among China, India and Pakistan is accelerating with the introduction of new ballistic and cruise missiles. Counterforce capabilities are growing. China has begun to place multiple warheads on some of its ballistic missiles, Pakistan has advertised its ability to do so, and India has demonstrated this capacity in its space program. Diplomacy is dormant as these and other nuclear capabilities expand. What to do? Stimson has asked rising talent in this field, as well as a few veterans, to offer creative ideas that can help ameliorate and decelerate this dangerous triangular nuclear competition.


Launching an Expanded Missile Flight-Test Notification Regime

By Frank O'Donnell

A Joint India-Pakistan Initiative on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

By Arka Biswas

A Triangular MIRV Restraint Regime in Southern Asia

By Sitakanta Mishra

Modernize the South Asia Nuclear Facility “Non-Attack” Agreement

By Toby Dalton

Back to Basics: Pledging Nuclear Restraint

By Manpreet Sethi

Create a Channel for a U.S.-China Dialogue on South Asia

By Yun Sun

Time to Consider a Trilateral Asian ABM Treaty

By Happymon Jacob

No Indian BMD for No Pakistani MIRVs

By Sadia Tasleem

Convene a Joint Commission on the
Consequences of a Nuclear War in South Asia

By Saira Bano

Join the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty’s International Monitoring System

By Sylvia Mishra and Sarah Bidgood

Use Environmental Diplomacy to Resolve the Sir Creek Dispute

By Saleem H. Ali

Addressing South Asia's Fissile Material Conundrum

By Mansoor Ahmed

Avoiding Incidents at Sea
between India and China

By Monish Tourangbam

Breaking the Impasse: Direct Talks between Army Chiefs

By Feroz Hassan Khan

Sharing Nuclear Information

By Hannah Haegeland

A Hotline between National and Nuclear Command Authorities to Manage Tensions

By Harry I. Hannah