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Michael Krepon quoted in Tablet Magazine on the Iran deal

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Last week, Tablet asked readers and friends what they want to hear from President Obama in his live webcast to the Jewish community on Friday afternoon. We received many responses.


Michael Krepon, co-founder of the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C.

Here’s what I’d like the president to say: “I’d like to depart from my usual talking points. I won’t talk about the particulars of the deal, my administration’s military assistance to Israel, or about the Iron Dome. I won’t explain how this deal removes 98% of the fissile material from the cartoon bomb that Prime Minister Netanyahu held up at the United Nations a few years ago.”

“Instead, I want to talk to you about my commitment to the State of Israel in a different way. No American president has been more respectful of Israel’s national security concerns while receiving more grief from the government of Israel. I have opened the pipeline for even more military equipment, despite Prime Minister Netanyahu’s disrespectful speech before a Joint Session of Congress. I have protected Israel at the United Nations when all but three countries wanted to place a spotlight on its nuclear weapon capabilities—and even as Israel’s ambassador met with dozens of members of Congress trying to torpedo this deal.”

“My support for Israel hasn’t wavered, even in the face of this unprecedented campaign against an agreement that prevents Iran from obtaining a single nuclear weapon. There is no better agreement than this, and there is no better friend of Israel than me.”

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