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Expanding populations, shifting consumption patterns, growing energy use, and mounting resource demands are imposing potentially unsustainable strains on the global environment. Stimson research and analysis on environmental security explores how rising stresses on global ecosystems and shared natural resources could compromise economic development, fuel social conflicts, and undermine political stability in key areas of the world. Stimson’s work encompasses issues including threats to water security in transboundary river basins and aquifers; the interplay of socio-economic, political, and environmental trends affecting marine resources, coastal communities, and maritime security in the Arctic and Indian Ocean regions; the implications of increasing urbanization for global climate change, freshwater supplies, food security, and energy use; and the possibilities for collective institutions to enable cooperative environmental governance.


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Sea Change: Evolving Maritime Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Region

Sea Change: Evolving Maritime Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Region began in the fall of 2013 when the US-based Stimson Center partnered with India’s Observer Research Foundation (ORF) to launch a research initiative analyzing the maritime policy challenges and opportunities arising across the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific as these areas emerge as central theaters of 21st

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