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Yun Sun is a fellow with the East Asia Program at the Stimson Center. Her expertise is in Chinese foreign policy, U.S.-China relations and China's relations with neighboring countries and authoritarian regimes. From 2011 to early 2014, she was a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution, jointly appointed by the Foreign Policy Program and the Global Development Program, where she focused on Chinese national security decision-making processes and China-Africa relations. From 2008 to 2011, Yun was the China Analyst for the International Crisis Group based in Beijing, specializing on China's foreign policy towards conflict countries and the developing world. Prior to ICG, she worked on U.S.-Asia relations in Washington, DC for five years. Yun earned her master's degree in international policy and practice from George Washington University, as well as an MA in Asia Pacific studies and a BA in international relations from Foreign Affairs College in Beijing. 


Selected Publications

"China's New Calculations in the South China Sea," Asia Pacific Bulletin No. 267, June 10, 2014

"Myanmar in US-China Relations," Stimson Center Issue Brief, June 2014

"China's Peaceful Rise: Peace Through Strength?", PacNet CSIS, April 1, 2014

"US Energy Independence: Disaster or Blessing for China?", The Hill, March 20, 2014

"China, Myanmar Face Myitsone Dam Truths," Asia Times, February 19, 2014

"China's Aid to Africa: Monster or Messiah?" Brookings, February 7, 2014

"Iran and Asia 1: China is the Quiet Giant," The Iran Primer, January 29, 2014

"China, the US and the Kachin Conflict," Stimson Center Issue Brief, January 2014 

"With Suu Kyi and China, It's Complicated," Irrawady, December 24, 2013

"China Adapts to New Myanmar Reality," Asia Times, December 23, 2013

"China's New State Security Committee: Questions Ahead" PacNet CSIS, November 14, 2013

“Chinese Investment in Myanmar: What Lies Ahead?”, Stimson Center Issue Brief, September 16, 2013

“Mali after the Election: Priorities of China and the U.S.”, Brookings, July 26, 2013

“Obama-Xi Summit: Four Reasons Africa Deserves Attention at the Talks”, Brookings, June 7, 2013

China’s National Security Decision-making: Processes and Challenges”, Brookings Research Paper, May 2013

China in Africa: Implications for U.S. Competition and Diplomacy”, Brookings Report, April 2013

“Top Five Reasons Why Africa Should Be a Priority for the United States”, Brookings Report, April 2013 

“China’s Tug of War”, The Irrawaddy Magazine, April 9, 2013

“China’s Increasing Interests in Africa: Benign but Hardly Altruistic”, Brookings, April 5, 2013

“China and the Changing Myanmar”, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, March 29, 2013

“BRICS and China’s Aspiration for the New ‘International Order”, Brookings, March 25, 2013

“China’s Intervention in the Myanmar-Kachin Peace Talk”, Asia Pacific Bulletin, February 20, 2013

“Westward, Ho!”, Foreign Policy, February 7, 2013

”March West: China’s Response to the U.S. Rebalancing”, Brookings Institution, January 31, 2013

“How China Views France’s Intervention in Mali: An Analysis”, Brookings Institution, January 23, 2013 

“Has China Lost Myanmar?”, Foreign Policy, January 15, 2013

“China’s New Leadership and Sino-Africa Relations”, Brookings Institution, January 2013

“Obama in Burma”, Brookings Institution, November 16, 2012

“Rowing Together: The Chinese Perspective on U.S.-China-ROK Trilateral Coordination on the Korean Peninsula”, Institute of Foreign Policy Analysis, August, 2012

“U.S. Hopes for Economic Kick Start in Reformed Myanmar”, Global Times, July 20, 2012

"The Logic of China's North Korea Policy", CSIS PacNet, June 21, 2012

"China's Strategic Misjudgment on Myanmar", Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, January 2012, 

"Syria: What China Has Learned from Its Libya Experience", Asia-Pacific Bulletin, February 27, 2012 

“Studying the South China Sea: The Chinese Perspective”,  East and South China Sea Bulletin, Center for New American Security, January 9, 2012

"China's Public Opinion: Shaping China's Foreign Policy or Shaped by It?", Brookings, December 2011

"New Balance in China, Myanmar Ties", The Asia Times, October 13, 2011

"The Kachin Conflict: Are Chinese Dams To Blame?", CSIS PacNet, July 8, 2011

"China's Acquiescence on UNSCR 1937: No Big Deal", CSIS PacNet, March 31, 2011 

Publications in Chinese

“Reconsidering U.S. Policy towards Iran”, China Business News, November 23, 2011

“U.S. Geopolitical Shifts in the Post 911 Era”, China Business News, October 4, 2010

“Obama’s Afghanistan Withdrawal and Implication for China’s National Security”, China Business News, December 9, 2009

“Obama’s New Foreign Policy Agenda”, China Business News, June 1, 2009

“U.S. Retesting Leadership at G20”, China Business News, April 6, 2009

“The New Strategic and Economic Dialogue”, China Business News, April 3, 2009

“Obama’s Foreign Policy and Bipartisan Politics”, China Business News, February 9, 2009

“Obama’s New Deal: Promises and Reality”, China Business News, June 1, 2009

“Who Will Help Obama to Save American Economy”, China Business News, November 10, 2008


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