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Turtle Bay Security Roundtable Series

A series of events, hosted by the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN, focusing on various security challenges posed in today’s world
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The Permanent Mission of Japan has been hosting a series of events that focus on various security challenges posed in today’s world. The seminar is organized in cooperation with the Stimson Center — an internationally renowned think tank based in Washington DC — and enjoys strong support from the United Nations. Its inaugural conference held in May 2011 was blessed with the presence of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who emphasized in his keynote speech the significance of international efforts in the area of nonproliferation, disarmament and the important role relevant UN Security Council resolutions play in non-proliferation efforts.

These events have invited not only UN diplomats and leading experts in the area of disarmament and non-proliferation but also corporate executives and scholars in order to promote candid, in-depth and thought–provoking discussions. The organizers have also tried to facilitate cross-cutting analysis of wide-ranging issues by welcoming the participation of experts in the area of development and peace-building, which are two key components of promoting international peace and stability. Below are links to previous sessions:

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