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The Turtle Bay Security Roundtable: Navigating the Sanctions Regime, Promoting Proliferation Prevent

The Permanent Missions of Japan and Poland, in cooperation with the Stimson Center, are pleased to present:

The Turtle Bay Security Roundtable:
Navigating the Sanctions Regime, Promoting Proliferation Prevention

On May 31, 2011 the Permanent Missions of Japan, Poland and Turkey to the United Nations, in cooperation with the Stimson Center, hosted a day long conference on the proliferation challenges facing the international community. The meeting, which featured the UN Secretary General, explored the linkages between security challenges and development objectives by focusing on how disarmament and nonproliferation capacity building can reinforce global economic development and sustainable economic growth.

On December 5, 2011, a follow-up meeting roundtable discussion will be held, this time focusing on regional approaches to nonproliferation and capacity-building. Member states, regional experts, and United Nations Committee officials will explore targeted regional approaches and innovative strategies to address the proliferation dilemma, as well as overarching steps that should be taken by the international community to improve nonproliferation standards worldwide, while ensuring unfettered economic growth and development. With the participation of industry representatives, panels will discuss the challenges of implementing effective export and border control measures, and the necessity for international cooperation. By considering proliferation as a threat to both security and development, and recognizing the positive impact nonproliferation and disarmament efforts will have on socio-economic stability, discussants will explore opportunities to address the wide range of concerns facing the international community related to the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

The panel discussions will be followed by a luncheon featuring Masao Takebayashi, General Manager, Corporate Export Regulation Department, Hitachi, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) as the keynote speaker.


  • Key Ambassadors
  • UN Member States
  • UN Secretariat: Office of Disarmament Affairs and the Department of Political Affairs
  • Experts from relevant UN Security Council Resolutions committees, including, 1540, 1718, 1737 and 1973
  • Regional experts
  • Scholars, academicians, industry, and think tank representatives

Read the takeaways from the event here.

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