International Order & Conflict

Peacekeeping Reform

Bridging policy innovation and field research to improve the effectiveness of United Nations peacekeeping
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Building on decades of expertise, the Peacekeeping Reform project identifies policy changes to improve the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping and recommends solutions. Stimson has a long history of bridging policy and practice, prioritizing field work to better understand the reality on the ground and then bringing those lessons to policymakers to overcome challenges and maximize mission impact.

Over the last two decades, Stimson research and experts have had a significant influence on UN policy, from the first-ever comprehensive review of UN peacekeeping operations to significant changes in the policy and practice of civilian protection. Stimson’s recent work focuses on host-state government consent for peacekeeping missions, local conflict management by UN peacekeepers, measurement and evaluation, UN intelligence and forward-looking analysis, and the prioritization and sequencing of UN actions in the field.

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