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Natural Security Strategies

Integrating environmental challenges and global security strategies into the U.S. national security agenda
This Project has been Archived and is no longer updated.
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Environmental crime, which costs the global economy up to $258 billion annually, is the fourth largest illicit market, and is a major threat to U.S. national security and interests around the world. Through research, analysis, and action-oriented programming, the Natural Security Forum works to firmly integrate environmental challenges into the U.S. national security agenda, as well as global security strategies. The Natural Security project amplifies and strengthens its efforts by building partnerships across the conservation and security communities to transform the narrative around environmental crime and its national and international security ramifications. The Natural Security project fosters the creation of a new and expanding community of natural security experts across the public and private sectors to create and advocate for an approach to combating environmental crime that leverages resources and expertise from the conservation and security communities alike.

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