Private Sector Security Partnerships

Managing Across Boundaries

Private Sector Security Partnerships

In a global economy, the private sector, such as legitimate commercial firms engaged in international trade, is uniquely positioned to help prevent the security and economic damage wrought by vulnerabilities in global value chains.


Research and Analysis

July 2, 2007

By Brian Finlay - At a time when we are told that terrorist interest in acquiring nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of mass destruction is at an all time high--and competitive budgetary pressures to address a multitude of national security threats are straining resources-

April 24, 2007

By Brian Finlay - Five years after anthrax-laced letters killed seven people and sickened dozens of others, the apparent vulnerability of the United States to bioterrorism has hastened a dramatic reordering of government spending. Since 2001, civilian

January 31, 2007 | EXPERT: Brian Finlay , EXTERNAL: Elizabeth Turpen

There is no greater threat to global security than the diffusion of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons expertise and materials.

January 29, 2007 | EXPERT: Brian Finlay , EXTERNAL: Elizabeth Turpen

This  book provides a critical and contemporary assessment of the programs intended to reduce the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons' proliferation risks stemming from collapse of the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

September 22, 2006 | EXPERT: Brian Finlay , EXTERNAL: Elizabeth Turpen , EXTERNAL: Rita Grossman-Vermaas

Seven days after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, anthrax spores were spread through the US Postal Service to a variety of news services and public officials. Within three months, eighteen people were known to have been infected, five of whom ultimately died.

January 15, 2006 | EXPERT: Brian Finlay

President Bush has asserted repeatedly that the greatest national security threat facing our country is the possibility of a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon in the hands of a terrorist group.
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