Russia Program

Preventing conflict escalation and enhancing international policy alignment with Russia

Ongoing tensions in Russia’s relations with the United States and its allies pose a major challenge to global peace and security. The lack of communication between the two countries increases the risk of an unintentional armed conflict and hampers the resolution of important international security issues where Russia’s constructive engagement is essential. Amid the transition to a more multipolar world, bridging this ever-widening divide remains a critical task.
The Russia program provides a non-partisan platform for dialogue between Russia and its international counterparts with the aim of overcoming strategic divides and addressing issues of common concern. It was founded during the Cold War at the EastWest Institute (EWI) and relaunched at the Stimson Center in 2021. The program brings together leading representatives of Russian diplomatic, military, business, and other professional communities for joint efforts with foreign stakeholders to clarify mutual misperceptions, reduce the risk of inadvertent military confrontation, and develop breakthrough solutions to major security challenges.

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