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By Rachel Stohl and Shannon Dick READ MORE

The Stimson Center’s Drone project has achieved significant success in efforts to ensure U.S. drone policy is transparent, accountable, and consistent with long-term U.S. national security goals, and is setting an appropriate international precedent for the use of drones internationally.  READ MORE

Stimson is working with a wide range of international partners — both non-governmental and within governments — to stand-up a larger, extended track 1.5 global dialogue on preventing and responding to deadly conflicts and state fragility.  READ MORE

Nuclear South Asia is the antidote to stale talking points and learning by memory. The course broaches contentious issues in a fair-minded way. Our intent is to empower a rising generation of strategic analysts to listen to others, think critically, and reach their own conclusions about nuclear trajectories in South Asia.  READ MORE

Stimson is leading a coalition of key institutions composed of IUCN, The Nature Conservancy, and UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group to promote approaches to what we all call “strategic, system-scale water-energy development” in the Mekong basin. READ MORE

Stimson focuses its research on analyzing the extent to which the United States provides military assistance and weapons to countries using or supporting the use of child soldiers, despite legal prohibitions. READ MORE