Stimson is working to secure peaceful outcomes in an unstable world. The impact of our work can be seen across the globe. 


The Stimson Center’s Global Political Demography Program, directed by Richard Cincotta, is the intellectual offspring of an unclassified foresight program that Cincotta directed while serving in the National Intelligence Council (NIC). READ MORE

When the Stimson Center was founded twenty-six years ago, the global security environment was undergoing a major shift, generating new worries created by the end of the bi-polar world.  READ MORE

Conflict and cooperation over shared environmental resources have characterized human societies from the dawn of civilization. Today, expanding populations, shifting consumption patterns, and growing energy use are imposing potentially unsustainable strains on Earth’s ecosystems. READ MORE

For nearly 15 years, these issues have been a core part of Stimson’s research agenda, and our work is recognized as playing a critical role in ensuring that policymakers and practitioners have the capacity and willingness to turn aspirational goals to protect civilians into a reality. READ MORE

In 1988, the great powers rediscovered the United Nations as an instrument of international security. In 1990, Stimson began its work monitoring and assessing the U.N.’s organizational “reboot” as an element of the emerging new framework for global peace and security. READ MORE

Beginning in Poland that summer, and culminating with the opening of the Berlin Wall, and the collapse of the Soviet Union a month later, Western policymakers struggled to keep pace with a rapidly evolving security environment. READ MORE