Experts at the nonpartisan Stimson Center are working to secure people, the planet, and global prosperity. While our work takes us across continents, much of it happens out of the spotlight. Impact is a Stimson Center original series that shines a light on our efforts to address major global challenges. Explore our work by clicking the images below.

THE CHALLENGE: In conflict-affected regions around the world, hundreds of thousands of at-risk civilians rely on UN peacekeepers to keep them safe. READ MORE

Editor’s note: This analysis is part of Impact — an ongoing Stimson Center series examining the innovative approaches being used to help solve the world’s major global challenges. READ MORE

Today, park rangers in Ngulia have more situational awareness to detect, deter, and defeat poachers because of the C3 system Stimson developed. The low-cost, low-tech solution is both affordable and scalable to other pressing border insecurity challenges across the Global South. READ MORE

With the help of the Stimson Center’s Managing Across Boundaries’ Food Security program, and the assistance of our military fellows, we worked with the Special Representative to help ensure that military training on food security could be added to the areas of study offered our service academies, and throughout the military training school system. READ MORE

Stimson’s Security and Trade Efficiency Platform (STEP) works with partner countries to evaluate the security and efficiency of supply chains involving dual-use materials and their susceptibility to illicit trafficking. READ MORE

Stimson has established itself as a go-to source of information on ATT implementation and reporting. The Center has developed highly sought-after resources to bring greater clarity to the global arms trade and promote effective ATT implementation. READ MORE