The Future of Trans-Pacific Airpower Interoperability


Colonel Hiroaki Uchikura

International Security Fellow

21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution

Japan Air Self -Defense Force


Monday, June 14, 2010
2:00pm – 3:30pm 


1111 19th Street NW, 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20036


2010 is an important milestone for the US-Japan Alliance.  It marks 50 years since the signing of the US–Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security. Looking forward, the recently released US 2010 QDR emphasizes the importance of working closely with allies, especially as regional security environments become more complex. In turn, the Government of Japan is currently developing new 10-year strategic guidance.  Concurrent themes will likely be reflected in each document, making the issue of interoperability between the military forces of the US and Japan central to building a closer and more effective strategic partnership between the nations. This becomes all the more important given the growing anti-access/area denial environment and an increasingly contested global and regional commons.


Colonel Hiroaki Uchikura will share his perspectives on the future of interoperability between the US Air Force and the Japan Air Self–Defense Force, in the light of lessons learned from the US air partnership with its allied air forces.


Colonel Hiroaki Uchikura is the International Security Fellow with the 21stth Fighter Squadron, 6th Air Wing, Komatsu AB.  Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution.  Prior to his arrival at Brookings, Colonel Uchikura served as the Chief of Defense Plans and Policy Section of the Air Staff Office (ASO).  He also has served at the F-X program office in the ASO.  As an F-15 pilot, he commanded the 306


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