Sudan, What’s Really Going On?

The situation in Sudan is changing rapidly. Prospects for peace between
North and South have been put into question by the death of John
Garang, while security in Darfur is rapidly deteriorating. What is
really going on? Please come to a briefing by colleagues from two NGOs
who know Sudan well. Refugees International advocate Sally Chin and
consultant Jonathan Morgenstein have just returned from Darfur where
they spent two weeks patrolling with the African Union Mission in
Sudan. They will be joined by four field staff (three of whom are
Sudanese nationals) from the International Rescue Committee who are
working in several different locations (Darfur, Khartoum, and Kassala)
in Sudan. The panel will have fresh information on how the security
situation affects civilians and the challenges of providing
humanitarian assistance. Most time will be left for discussion.

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