South Asian Security Issues – Views from Emerging Analysts

South Asian Voices Visiting Fellows Kashif Hussain, Kashoon Leeza, Jyotsna Mehra, and Muhsin Puthan Purayil present their research findings, analysis, and policy recommendations on issues including the crisis potential of climate change, U.S.-Pakistan technology collaborations, Quadrilateral Security Dialogue deliverables, and diaspora politics in India’s public diplomacy.

These presentations are the result of a year-long fellowship with the Stimson Center South Asia Program.

Featured Speakers:

Kashif Hussain, Research Associate, Strategic Studies Institute, Islamabad

Kashif Hussain is a Research Associate at Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII) in Pakistan. He previously worked as an intern at the Center for International Strategic Studies, Islamabad (CISS) and was one of Pakistan’s youth ambassadors to Turkey under the Turkey-Pakistan Youth Bridge Program in March 2015.

Kashoon Leeza, Editorial and Advocacy Specialist at Islamabad Policy Research Institute

Kashoon Leeza works as an Editorial and Advocacy Specialist at Islamabad Policy Research Institute. Previously, she worked as a Teacher and Research Associate at the School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-e-Azam University.

Jyotsna Mehra, Pacific Forum Young Leader, India

Jyotsna Mehra is a New Delhi-based researcher who has been analyzingthe evolution of India’s foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific. She is also a Pacific Forum Young Leader and a Consulting Editor at the New Delhi-based publication, The Kootneeti.

Muhsin Puthan Purayil, PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Hyderabad

Muhsin Puthan Purayil is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Hyderabad, India. His primary areas of interest are international relations, public diplomacy, security studies, and the geopolitics of South Asia and the Middle East with a focus on the foreign and security policies of India.

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