International Order & Conflict

Roundtable on the United Nations’ Role with regards to the Dangers of Anocratic States

This roundtable, co-hosted by the Center on Governance through Human Rights and the Stimson Center, will discuss how and why anocratic states have become the “new normal.” Studies and research on democracy often focuses on two political regimes: democracy and autocracy. However, decolonization and the decline of totalitarian regimes have multiplied the number of states mixing democratic with autocratic features. 2021 marks the 30th year after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dramatic paradigm shifts from totalitarianism to liberal and consensus building democracies, but, nevertheless, we see again the rise of hybrid, defective, anocratic, and mixed regime types.


Gabriel Amvane, Vice President and Director, French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless People (OFPRA)


Anja Mihr, Program Director, Center on Governance through Human Rights

Richard Ponzio, Senior Fellow and Director, Global Governance, Justice & Governance Program, Stimson Center

John-Mark Iyi, Associate Professor, University of the Western Cape 

Kseniya Kizilova, Head of Secretariat, World Values Survey Association 

James Kim, Research Fellow, Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Daisaku Higashi, Professor, Center for Global Education and Discovery, Sophia University

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