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Rising Seas, Migrant Flows: Climate Change And Policy Choices In The World’s Coastal Regions

Policy Choices in the World’s Coastal Regions

Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 1:30-3pm

Coastal populations are on the front lines of climate change. Rising sea levels risk submerging lowlying
areas and tainting the rivers and aquifers that furnish fresh water to coastal settlements. Stronger
cyclones and higher storm surges threaten to swamp cities, flood cropland, and inundate ports and
roads. Such chronic stresses and sudden catastrophes could drive millions of people from their homes
into neighboring areas or even farther afield. Climate change thus raises significant new challenges
for decision makers grappling with questions ranging from ecosystem management, urban planning,
and infrastructure design to disaster risk reduction, refugee resettlement, and humanitarian relief.
Two new Stimson Center publications, Coastal Zones and Climate Change and On the Move: Migration
Challenges in the Indian Ocean Littoral, assess the emerging issues and examine the difficult choices
confronting policymakers in a warming world. Please join us for a presentation and roundtable
discussion with a panel of international experts.

Edward Cameron works on climate change and governance at the World Bank’s Social Development
Department. He previously served as Senior Advisor at the Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kevin J. Cosgriff retired from the US Navy following 37 years of service. As Commander, US Naval
Forces Central Command, he oversaw all maritime security operations throughout the Middle East. He
simultaneously commanded the US Fifth Fleet.

Ellen Laipson is President of the Stimson Center and Director of its Southwest Asia Project. She coedited
On the Move: Migration Challenges in the Indian Ocean Littoral.

David Michel is Senior Associate at the Stimson Center and Director of the Environmental Security
project. He co-edited Coastal Zones and Climate Change.

Please RSVP by 24 May to Mr. Corey Sobel at [email protected]

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