Remembering Operation Tomodachi: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

10 Years After: Remembering Operation Tomodachi Seminar Series

Join us for the first seminar in a series to reflect on the lessons learned from Operation Tomodachi that was implemented in response to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in March 2011. VADM Scott Van Buskirk (ret., USN), former Commander of the 7th Fleet, and VADM Hiromi Takashima (ret., JMSDF), former Commander of JMSDF Yokosuka Regional District, will reflect on navy-to-navy cooperation in Operation Tomodachi and discuss the lessons learned for future disaster response.


VADM Scott Van Buskirk, Retired, USN; Former Commander, U.S. Navy 7th Fleet, Former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations/Chief of Naval Personnel

VADM Scott Van Buskirk commanded U.S. 7th Fleet during Operation Tomodachi while deployed in Yokosuka in 2010-2011. He previously served as Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff for the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Commander of Carrier Strike Group Nine.  He retired U.S. Navy in August 2013 after having served as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations/Chief of Naval Personnel.

VADM Hiromi Takashima, Retired, JMSDF; Former Commander, JMSDF Yokosuka Regional District, Former Vice Chief of Staff, Joint Staff

VADM Hiromi Takashima oversaw the JMSDF participation in Operation Tomodachi as Commander of JMSDF Yokosuka Regional District. In his career, he was also Vice Chief of Joint Staff (2008-2010), Commander of the JMSDF Self-Defense Fleet (2007-2008), and Defense Attache at the Japanese Embassy in Norway (1993-1996). He is the author of several books on leadership and Operation Tomodachi.

This event is co-sponsored by the Embassy of Japan:

Part of the Japanese Foreign Policy Project
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