Japan’s Evolving Role in UN Peacekeeping Operations

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Japan has long-been the second largest financial contributor to U.N. peacekeeping operations, but its engagement has been more dynamic than is often recognized – and it is evolving continuously in this direction. Since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe passed new national security legislation in late 2015, there have been increasing questions of Japan’s new capabilities and opportunities for engagement in multilateral initiatives, particularly within U.N. peacekeeping operations. In this discussion, Dr. Hiromi Nagata Fujishige will discuss her thoughts on how Japan’s shifting security agenda impacts in engagement in U.N. peacekeeping operations.

WHAT:  A discussion on Japan’s evolving role in U.N. peacekeeping operations

Hiromi Nagata Fujishige
, Associate Professor, Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies, Hosei University 
Yuki Tatsumi (moderator), Senior Associate, Stimson Center

Fujishige is a specialist in security studies and conflict resolution studies, covering s a wide variety of areas such as U.N. and other peacekeeping/peacebuilding debates, state reconstructions challenges, Japan’s security agendas and the UK’s “stabilisation” efforts. She is also keen on pursuing issues surrounding the Security-Development Nexus. Before joining Hosei, she lectured for two years at Nagoya University of Business and Commerce. Previously, she also served two years as a research associate at the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), a think-tank closely linked with the Japanese Foreign Ministry. After graduating from Doshisha University (B.A. in Law) in Kyoto, she attended postgraduate schools at the University of London, receiving a postgraduate diploma in War Studies from King’s College London, a M.Sc. in International Relations and Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a Ph.D. in Political Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). She co-edited the first-ever Japanese book focusing on security sector reform (Kokusa-Shoin, 2012) and Japan’s whole-of-government approach in spring 2016 (Naigai Publishers). In early 2017, she is set to publish a book on the changing role of Japan’s military forces (Naigai Publishers, forthcoming). From the fall of 2016, she will conduct research in London to write a book on the UK’s “stabilisation” policy. In addition, she is concurrently chairing a joint research project on state reconstruction issues.

Please note that Dr. Fujishige’s powerpoint presentation is still a draft and not currently for citation. Her final report on this subject will be available in spring 2017. Please contact Stimson if you would like to use her presentation for any purposes. 

Photo credit: Herman Van Rompuy via Flickr. 
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