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Global Town Hall

In advance of the General Assembly’s high-level commemoration of UN Charter Day on June 25th, the Stimson Center is partnering with the Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN) to host a virtual Global Town Hall. The event will consider alternative institutional, policy, and normative measures for taking forward the UN75 Declaration, inspired by the findings of a six-part “Fulfilling the UN75 Declaration’s Promise” expert roundtable series and a set of regional consultations.

Preliminary Program

  • 11:00 Welcome: Co-Chairs, C4UN Steering Committee 
  • 11:05 Opening Address: H.E. Volkan Bozkir, President of the 75th UN General Assembly Session (invited)
  • 11:10 Reflections on UN Charter Day, our Common Agenda consultation outcomes & next steps 
  • 11:20 Interactive panel discussion on the Fulfilling the UN75 Declaration expert roundtable outcomes 
  • 12:05 Musical performance & polling 
  • 12:10 Reflections on key outcomes from five C4UN regional consultations 
  • 12:55 Musical performance & polling 
  • 13:00 Open Dialogue on key C4UN priorities & next steps
  • 13:25 Concluding remarks 
  • 13:30 End

The goals of the Global Town Hall are as follows:

  1. Build on the results of the post-UN75 expert roundtable dialogues, the UN digital consultation, and C4UN regional consultations to accelerate the political momentum required for the adoption of strong Our Common Agenda outcomes.
  2. Hold member states accountable to accelerating the delivery of the 12 commitments made in the UN75 Declaration, together with the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement; and to respond to new and emerging challenges.
  3. To better understand the priorities and specific needs arising in the various regions of the world, recognizing the diverse purposes, perceptions and impacts that multilateral cooperation generates worldwide. 
  4. To articulate priorities and proposals that can be considered by the Secretary-General for his report to be released in September, and taken forward in the subsequent follow-up process.  
  5. To feed ideas into a People’s Forum (October 2021) and contribute to the formation of Multilateral Innovation Hubs in support of the implementation of the  UN75 People’s Declaration and Plan for Global Action and Our Common Agenda
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