From Gender to Geopolitics: Towards a Feminist Foreign Policy in South Asia

In this South Asian Voices webinar, run jointly with the Kubernein Initiative, experts from across the subcontinent will examine what a “Feminist Foreign Policy” framework means for the subcontinent and how this approach could make policymaking related to defense, geopolitics, trade, health, and the environment in South Asia more inclusive and effective. They will explore how a gender-conscious approach may support security, democracy, and diplomacy on the subcontinent.

Featured Speakers

Farwa Aamer, Research Analyst, Stimson Center

Nandita Baruah, India Country Representative, Asia Foundation 

Shafqat Munir, Research Fellow and Head, Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR) at the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS)

Ambika Vishwanath, Founder and Director, Kubernein Initiative (Convener)

Moderated By

Akriti Vasudeva, Editor-at-large, South Asian Voices and Research Analyst, Stimson Center

Part of the South Asian Voices Project
South Asia
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