Energizing Nuclear Security: A Sensible Summit Proposal

Based on independent research involving over 150 confidential interviews with industry, regulators, non governmental and governmental  organizations, the report examines methods to incentivize voluntary adoption of nuclear security measures in civilian nuclear operations.   Growing demand for nuclear energy combined with the rising tide of violence and extremism demands innovative solutions to strengthen the largely voluntary nuclear security regime. This report proposes an economic way to more efficiently and effectively promote risk management in nuclear security spending.  

What: the public launch of the Stimson Center report Nuclear Energy: Securing the Future – A Case for Voluntary Consensus Standards.”  


Jack Edlow, President, Edlow International; Chairman of the International Board of Advisors, 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit
Roger Howsley, Executive Director, World Institute for Nuclear Security
Paul Murphy, Special Counsel, Global Project Finance, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Clayton Scott, Chief Nuclear Officer, SVP, Schneider Electric; Chair of the IAEA Task Force – Digital Licensing Harmonization
Michael Wautlet, Director for Nuclear Energy Policy, National Security Council

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